4 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

Winter came fast this year so none of us had time to prepare! There are still a lot of things you can do to help maximize your home’s efficiency and minimize the impact on your bank account.

  1. Change the furnace filter – dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand, so keeping your filter clean could save you a few dollars!
  2. Run ceiling fans in reverse – most people think of ceiling fans for cool air flow, but did you know that most units come with a switch to reverse the direction of the blades? Reversing the blade direction pushes warm air that gathers near the ceiling down, helping to heat your room.
  3. Drain your water lines – be sure to drain garden hoses and turn off outside taps to avoid a frozen pipe that could potentially burst.
  4. Put up some plastic – For just a few dollars, you can easily add a buffer against drafts to your windows. You can buy a window kit at many stores, and it comes with everything you need – so easy, anyone can do it!
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