I Bought a House Today! 

It's such an exciting time but it sounds deceptively simple to summarize it in 5 short words.

"I bought a house today" - It doesn't sound anything like "I just made the biggest financial purchase of my life" or "I have been eating Kraft Dinner for 3 years so I could save for a down payment". You would basically have to be Captain America to do it in one day.

For anyone who has not bought a house before, what is the process to go through to get to say "I bought a house today"? Here are 4 steps to simplify the process for you:

1. Show me the Money
Have you ever been in a store and fell in love with something? You picture yourself having it, where it would go, how you would wear it...then you look at the price tag and realize its way out of your budget? So, you start looking for something you can afford, and while all your options are nice, you're comparing each of them to the first item you fell in love with. To avoid this feeling of disappointment, the home buying process should always start with a chat with your lender. Whether it's a bank or a mortgage broker, you need to know how much you qualify for so you don't fall in love with a home that is out of your budget.

2. Find Your Matchmaker
That's what a Realtor is. Your real estate advisor will match you with the house that meets your needs within a purchase price you can afford. Your realtor will find you houses to view that suit your lifestyle. Things like scheduling a time to look at potential houses, helping you write an offer, negotiating on your behalf, arranging for a home inspection, and protecting your best interests are all great reasons to hire a professional Realtor.

3. Lay it all on the Table
Your lender and your Realtor keep all your private information in the strictest of confidence. For them to do the best job for you they really need to know everything, such as where your down payment is coming from and your total household income. The more information the better.

4. Take the Plunge
Buying a house is a process of elimination. Once you've narrowed it down to the house that's your favourite, it's time to make an offer! Did you know that 47% of homebuyers feel buyer's remorse? It's natural, as this is a big purchase, but the feeling will subside and when the time comes to tell a Friend "I bought a house today" you won't be feeling any remorse at all!

Stay Tuned for my next First Time Home Buyers Night information session!