Mindful Based Stress Reduction

My friend Tammy is an amazing Lady and I could probably fill these pages just talking about that, but recently she has started offering a course that I think could be incredibly beneficial to everyone. I thought I would bring it up now as we head into the (what can be) a very stressful holiday season for lots of people. Here is a quick introduction to it and if you've ever had the chance to meet Tammy you would feel right away why she is so great at this. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program 

There is a lot of talk of being “mindful,” these days but what does that mean? Well, let’s take a moment…
Mindfulness is checking into the present moment without judgement and simply noticing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The holidays are upon us, and it can get stressful! Take time to notice how great that cup of coffee smells and tastes, as you take a break from Christmas shopping, notice the feeling of giving a loved one a big hug, or how your body relaxes on the couch after the company has gone home.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program is an eight-week program, participants attend 2.5 hours each week, and 1 full day retreat. It is developing a new relationship to stress and helps in managing anxiety, depression, improves sleep and concentration.

For more information on the MBSR program coming in January 2019, please email Tammy Prince at tammy.prince1968@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays!
Tammy Prince