How to Shock Your Well and Treat Your Water

Spring is coming and for our acreage clients on well water, that could mean experiencing changes to the water, including smells, taste, and/or a murky presence.

You may have some questions about how to shock your well and treat your water; we have the answers!

What is shock chlorination?
Shock chlorination is a maintenance practice that helps keep bacteria build-up in check.

Can I shock chlorinate my well myself?
Yes! You can shock chlorinate your own well or you can hire a licensed water well driller to do the procedure.

When should I shock chlorinate my well?
Immediately after installing a new well
Whenever repair work is done on your well, pump, or distribution system
Following contamination by flood water or any change in water clarity, colour, or taste
When lab tests show coliform bacteria in your well water
Every year to prevent biofouling (build-up of algae, barnacles, etc in your well system)

For detailed instructions on how to shock/treat your own well, check out this very informative document created by the Government of Alberta.

If you are wanting to hire a professional instead of attempting the shock chlorination yourself, go HERE for a list of contractors who are members of the Alberta Water Well Drilling Association.