Prevent Dryer Fires

Did you know!? There are over 14,000 house fires a year attributed to lack of dryer duct cleaning in North America - this is the #1 cause of house fires! Take note of these warning signs, and have your residential dryer’s exhaust duct cleaned every two years, or when you notice a change in the machine’s performance.

- Clothes taking longer than normal to dry (More than 1 cycle)
- Machine hot to the touch
- Lots of moisture or humidity

Most people don’t quite understand how the pipe fills with lint when the dryer has a filter. It is because the micron size of your machine's filter screen is designed to allow small particles of wet lint to pass through, with maximum airflow, in order for your clothes to dry quickly. These small, wet lint particles coat the inside walls of your exhaust pipes, completely blocking them over time.

It is worth mentioning that when you don’t clean your machines filter before every load, and the filter forms a thick pad of lint on it, upon removal a large piece of lint falls into the bottom of your machines filter box. The next time you start your machine that large chunk of lint that fell ends up in machines blower, or a pipe elbow or the draft blocker at the end of your exhaust - and that's all it takes to obstruct your dryer's exhaust! This makes your dryer run hotter and increases the potential of it catching on fire! When the draft blocker gets dirty it stays open, this is an invitation for birds along with winters cold air, to freeze up all the wet lint inside the unclean dryer exhaust pipe!

It is recommended to have your dryer duct cleaned every two years - before any problems start! For local help in this area, we recommend contacting SOS Dryer AB!