How to Paint Oak Cabinets the Right Way

This is a conversation that comes up frequently with clients and colleagues. Love it or hate it, oak cabinets are a staple in kitchens everywhere. Some people love them, some people try their hand at painting them and end up with amateur looking DIY jobs that aren't attractive, and some people have thought about painting them for a long time but don't know where to start...this article is for you. 

No matter where I'm looking for information about painting cabinets, they all describe a labor-intensive process if you want it to look good and not like you gave your 6 old year free rein to "update" your kitchen. It won't happen in a weekend, it might happen in two or 3 BUT the finished product will professional. You want your sweat labor to add value to your home and be something you are proud to show friends and family. 

This is a long article and very detailed by Nina Hendrick (She's got lots of great ideas on her website. If you end up doing this I would love to see before and after pictures! :)