Decluttering For Home Sale Success

Decluttering is among the best things you can do to improve photos of your
home and the buyer’s perception of the property. Having less clutter can
influence potential buyers’ perception of how they view the house. Less clutter
and personal items will also allow them to better visualize themselves living
there. Decluttering allows a full view of the space, and the staged version of the
house to shine.


Since we live in our houses all day every day (especially right now) we tend to
gather things in a way that makes practical sense to us. However, it might
be off-putting for someone to walk in and try to imagine their own life in the
room. For instance, a messy desk could look like a successful work week to you,
but a visitor might just see a lack of space for their own possessions. Or worse,
they can see uncleanliness. Clutter can distract buyers from viewing the floors,
windows, or other features of the room itself. All of which are things that
you want the buyers to focus on.


Try storing personal items and projects in places you can access easily but can
also put away when your home will be shown. Just getting the floor and
furniture surfaces clear will help buyers view the rooms and the condition of the
house – and hopefully envision themselves and their own belongings in the


Staging can be an extremely important step in the real estate process. It
encourages decluttering to the point of making a home a blank slate, but in an
elegant way. Staging is used to optimize the furniture layout, decoration, and
visual impact to influence buyers to see a home in its best light. Since the home
is almost a blank slate, the buyers can picture their own belongings in the space.

When people buy a home, they’re purchasing a house, but also an idea of what
their life will look like and be like in the home. Therefore, it’s even more
important that you remove personal or messy items that may interfere with a
buyer’s vision. You want to help buyers create a vision of how a house works for
them, not how it’s currently working for the owner. Keeping things tidy helps
show the house in its most idealized, magazine-ready form.

While you should remove personal items and personal pictures, you also don’t
want completely bare surfaces. Don’t be afraid to display some items
like pottery, trays, and other functional, attractive objects. However, in most
cases, keep in mind that less is more. If you need some advice on how much
decluttering you should do, hire a professional. Or ask your real estate agent if
they can recommend someone to you.

Above all, try not to let it bother you that your house isn’t quite your own now.
Staging and decluttering will benefit the sale and help you earn top dollar, by
making the house as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Plus, starting
your transition earlier, rather than on the closing day, should help your stress