April 2019

The Unmarried Couple's Guide to Buying a Home

Posted on Apr 23, 2019

As a Realtor, I could not be more happy to share this post about buying a home with your significant other. There are so many things to consider when buying a home with your boyfriend/girlfriend such as who is paying the down payment, whose name goes on the title, what happens if we break up? I've seen lots of people get the short end of the stick...

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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

Spring is finally in the air across Alberta, and with the sun and warmer weather comes the realization that Old Man Winter has been torturing the outside of your house for the last few (let's face it, SEVEN) months. 

Before you clean off the patio furniture and start planting your gardens, you might want to follow these six tips to get your home rea...

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