Change of Address

Buying a house involves several stages, and the work does not stop once you have completed the purchase. At this point, your main concern will be getting into your new home and settling down. However, one important item to take care of before moving day is letting friends, family, companies, and government agencies know your new address. Letting family and friends know your new address can be as simple as getting a change of address cards made up and either handing them out or sending them via mail or e-mail.

Using this checklist can ensure the right people are informed in the right manner and
at the right time.

1. Ministry of Health
New homeowners should inform both the provincial and territorial health ministry you are moving by providing them your new contact information. There are forms you can easily download from the web to do this.

2. Canada Revenue Agency
New homeowners will need the following materials:
• Social insurance number
• Partner’s social insurance number (where it applies)
• New address in full
• Date of the move
Once these materials have been gathered, you will need to choose your preferred method for informing the agency:
• Online: Use the Canada Revenue Agency’s online service
• Mail: 1. Fill in Form RC325 and mail or fax to their local tax centre
• Phone: Call Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 and pass on all relevant details

3. Canada Post
The new homeowners can:
• Go to the local post office and change the address at the counter
• Visit Canada Post’s website and follow the online instructions to changing your address

4. Ministry of Transportation
This is only necessary if you have vehicles registered under your name. You can
advise them of your new address by visiting the Service Canada website and clicking the correct province or territory ministry link.

5. Employment Insurance program
If applicable, it is important to change your address and avoid missing out on
important benefits. It can be done through the Service Canada website once an
account is set up and an Access code to get onto the site has been provided.

6. Canada pension plan or old age security information
If relevant, it is important these institutions are notified in a timely manner, to ensure benefits are not lost. Service Canada allows for Account holders to change their address information. However, Service Canada cannot be used by people who:
• Either currently have or have had an address (or payment destination) outside of Canada
• Receive CPP or OAS under an international agreement
• Are between 18 and 25 and receive CPP children’s benefit
In the above cases, the move must be reported by phone at 1-800-277-9914 or
through the contact us section of the Service Canada website.

7. Other government departments
Complete change of address for other licenses when appropriate, including:
• Hunting license
• Fishing license
• Pilot permits

Lastly, consider other organizations that need to be informed in a professional, rather than social way. These include:
• Place of work
• Children’s schools or daycare
• Bank and investment holders
• Library
• Cable/Internet/Phone Company
• Credit Cards
• Loans for cars or lines of credit
• Subscriptions
• Any other service providers where information may be sent to your address